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Cmd + Z

Yeehaw Denim Jacket

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We all fall down sometimes.. but life is not to be remembered by it's fallacies. Rather, we remember these moments by way of how we moved about a situation - if we got back on the horse and kept riding. For those times when life keeps knockin u down, put on a cool jacket, saddle up & ride upon a flaming horse into a blazing sunset

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- Upcycled Wisconsin Gas jacket sourced from my adventure across the nation

- Cowboy trim along the arms + upper back of jacket that will fray over time into white strands

- Belt loops added around bottom edge of jacket

- Cmd + Z denim badge + size tag at interior collar

- Cmd + Z woven label at front pocket edge

Shipping & Returns

$10 shipping, U.S. only. Returns may be made if garment is unworn & unwashed with viable cause.

Care Instructions

Due to the fact that these are higher quality garments with custom embellishment, we recommend dry clean only. If machine washing, rinse on delicate and hang dry garments for 6-12 hours overnight.