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Cmd + Z is a clothing brand birthed in 2019 in Los Angeles, CA. specializing in bespoke, small-batch and 1 of 1 garments & accessories for creative souls worldwide.
Upon quitting a 9-5 in pursuit of an unknown greatness, I stumbled upon sewing with my bro Marques as a passtime. Our first concept was to create a pocket crewneck sweater using only thrifted materials and the result was surprisingly satisfying. After that first piece, I continued to sew daily until alas - A brand was born. Continuing to thrift and upcycle, I began to develop a unique style across my work that inadvertently brought me full circle to my Japanese heritage and early-set love for fashion. I quickly saw that this brand was more than just a brand, and rather that there are stories of personality to be told through the cloth.
To press Cmd + Z means to Undo, and that applies to the ethos as well as the fabric. As a constant nod to what led me here, the practice of undoing and upcycling remains present in a large amount of the work. The "why" behind the brand is defined by the principle of unlearning, or undoing of the mind and our teachings. To undo norms, limitations and rules is to remaster silhouettes,
remove stitches and shake tradition.
Cmd + Z is an extension of personality - We sell style, not clothing
Learn to unlearn, and watch life begin to unfold exactly as you asked.