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College Crewneck

College Crewneck

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Inspired by the first piece ever by Cmd + Z from June 2019 - A thrifted ambiguous CØLLEGE crewneck with two upcycled Levi’s pockets hand sewn to the chest and sleeve over 10 hours. 

As a nod to the first and the improvement of craft, I redesigned + reprinted a reminiscent version of the original graphic on a lighter hue crewneck than the original to allude to “brighter days have been and are always ahead”, with one pocket tastefully adhered to the sleeve to provide function without removing any magnitude from the rest of the details.

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- Vintage Champion reverse weave crewneck chosen for its specific distress points & wash

- Puff print COLLEGE graphic across solarplex

- Upcycled vintage 90’s Levi’s pocketwatch pocket with a Cmd + Z woven label under the edge

- Upcycled Levi’s leather tab + sueded black portion of UNDO printed over top

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