Welcome back to Undo University.
It's been both a heaven and a hell of a 4 years since enrollment, hasn't it?
Much has been learned, experience has been had, emotions felt.
Through the course of it all, even if faded and frayed -
It still remains clear that to UNDO is to LEARN.
This collection revisits old vision with a new lens -
Ideas of the past with new hands from the same source.
Everything we've experienced and felt at Undo U has led us to this moment.
These ideas, inspirations, and innovations
grant us familiarity from a new perspective.
Even after one's time at the university ends,
we graduate into the next chapter of life.
Life continues to be our teacher
with or without the premise of school.
The motto remains and even extends,
Always a student to the teacher of life,
and at the center of it all is U.