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Punk Rock Melody Cap

Punk Rock Melody Cap

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Sometimes the melody in our heads is soft & sweet..

..& sometimes, it's upbeat and positive...

...other times, it's obnoxiously loud in there and it feels like a punk rock concert is happening in your head.

The Punk Rock Melody Cap is for those with a busy yet orchestrated mind. Clear is the melody and loud is it's delivery, strong and forward by way of color and appearance. Rock this cap to the show or when you're chillin solo, there's noise to be represented at all moments in life.

- This product is 1 of 1

- Upcycled twill 5-panel snapback cap with previously misprinted graphic

- Covered in decorative darning repair & utilized to create a new front "graphic"

- Felt 1/8th notes printed over top of the stitching, 3 notes each to allude to mind, body and soul.

- Samurai batterman + Cmd + Z woven label above arch

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