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Beverages tasting mid lately? Probably because you're using an average drinking vessel. Look no further fluid fiends, the PUGMUG is what you've been missing.


Just like a chia pet, except you drink out of it instead of grow moss on it! Enjoy your favorite beverage or house your favorite pens! Whatever you choose, the pugmug is ready to big chill and make a consistent residence at your desk.

  • 8 oz ceramic mug
  • Hand drawn illustration by Steeziak & Cmd + Z
  • "For Rockstars Only" & "THE $ DON'T STOP, KEEP GOING" printed on mug


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Shipping & Returns

$10 shipping, U.S. only. Returns may be made if garment is unworn & unwashed with viable cause.

Care Instructions

Due to the fact that these are higher quality garments with custom embellishment, we recommend dry clean only. If machine washing, rinse on delicate and hang dry garments for 6-12 hours overnight.