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Heavyarms Custom Patchwork Jacket

Heavyarms Custom Patchwork Jacket

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Known for its cannon-clad arms, self-destruct system and modified nature - Heavyarms Custom is a 1 of 1 war machine. The patchwork on the jacket represents both the loaded cannon arms and the modifications that denote the name Custom. The sleeve pocket, repositioned & reimagined as a chest pocket, alludes to Heavyarms' multi-functional nature, all in tones of blue and black to nod to the original animation. The hand stitched patchwork over time will disintegrate and peel away - performing Heavyarms' self-destruct program - leaving a fully hand-stitched Sashiko mosaic on both sleeves. Heavyarms Custom's pilot goes by the name of Trowa (derived of Trois, Three in French) Barton. In the series, Trowa suffers memory loss of where he left Heavyarms on Earth - Represented once the jacket's patchwork dissolves and it is no longer recognizable in the form of which he once knew the robot.

Wear the epic nostalgic tale of Heavyarms Custom from Gundam Wing (1995)

- This is a 1 of 1 piece size MEDIUM

- Eisenhower style zip-up work jacket

- Sleeve pocket removed, patched & re positioned to be a chest pocket with an additional D-ring underneath

- 20 hour Sashiko hand stitched process to cover both sleeves, featuring ONLY vintage 501, japanese & american selvedge fabric scraps

- Cmd + Z & size tag badge at inner collar


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