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Cubic Jeans

Cubic Jeans

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Mind, Body and Soul - The 3 tiers of alignment. When 3 become 1, the inner-being is balanced and one’s full potential can be reached. 

Unlearn that old jeans are a waste of legs & learn that old jeans can be the waist of legs..

It’s all about perspective. 

- These jeans are 1 of 1, size 32 x 31

- Comprised of three pairs of vintage 501’s, utilizing 2/3 waists as adjustable button-fly ankle openings. This represents the idea that no parts go to “waist” in harvesting the more difficult-to-manage parts of the denim as a main garment component.

- Thigh colorblock portions made with upcycled denim scraps from a vintage or selvedge source, a 3 color mosaic to represent the tiers of alignment intertwined from your core radiating outward. 

- 2” inseam gusset from upcycled leg portions of other vintage levi’s to open up the legs for an over-the-shoe fit, cause when you’re really flexin you got heat under the jeans that people can’t even see 😎


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