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Cmd + Z

Badge Caps

Badge Caps

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New/Old. When I went to Japan for the first time, one thing that stood out to me in particular was the harmony of things old & new together in the modern day - From the architecture & the use of calculators to the upholding of traditions and values ffrom an older time, the coexistence of old & new fascinated me.

The badge cap is a representation of this very idea. The vintage style badge upon the main panel of a clean black cap come together in harmony to provide a brand new entity. The restoration of such items gives them an extension of life, like the idea of maintaining original architecture with a renovated infrastructure (as seen across Japan & it’s multitude of prefectures).

Old becomes new in the blink of an eye with a shift of perspective.

- Twill canvas 5-panel cap

- Brown tab with custom Cmd + Z & Co. Stamp

- Samurai batterman & Cmd + Z woven labels above arch


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