University Alumni Testimonials

Cmd + Z is a uniquely inspired clothing brand that creates quality pieces by pairing modern concepts with culturally influenced ideas. I have purchased many custom designs and they haven’t missed!
I don’t go anywhere else!!

- Kindra Talley @kiinicki

Time and time again, I have come to Command Z to transform my least-favorite articles of clothing into unique and timeless pieces that wind up as staples in my closet rotation. His creativity always exceeds my expectations, and I am constantly blown away by his quick turnaround times. I recommend Command Z’s services to absolutely anyone interested in activating their confidence through fashion!
- Taylor Edgin @tayloredgin

As a proud owner of over 20 cmd +z pieces I always look forward to adding the next one to my collection. Every piece is a representation of the evolution of my style and wardrobe. Having developed a working relationship with Kato in the process he is able to lend his creative expertise when shaping the vision for my next statement piece. In a way, it’s like having your own stylist. This factor is the number 1 reason I continue to come back, on top of the top notch quality, quality guarantee,
and excellent customer service.
- Waseel Amoura @waseel.wav

Cmd + Z has truly made me understand the meaning of quality over quantity. I have been progressively replacing all of my cheaply made clothing with the brand’s more durable and unique pieces with confidence that they will last me a lifetime. Not only do I feel more stylish while wearing their clothes, but I‘m moving with more love and purpose.
- Sue Helen Ang @subiroll