Welcome 2 Wearable Personality


Cmd + Z is born out of the idea of unlearning, as it is the Mac-native keyboard command to UNDO. Nodding to where I grew up and that which continues to inspire me, Cmd + Z represents the idea of simply maintaining passion, no matter what form it may take in your life.


Style is an extension of personality, it's about more than just clothes. We choose pieces and accessories to better accentuate ourselves and express our inner being outwardly. The clothes tell stories of where we've been, what we've been through and where we're headed. From the choice of graphics on a t-shirt to the fray and distress of time traveling denim garments, every nuance has something to say.


The journey of passion began with skateboarding as a kid, music as a student and continues through fashion as an adult. Having always had an interest in dressing myself like my favorite pro skaters, I had always unknowingly been keen to the idea of Enclothed Cognition - The idea that what we wear affects our performance. Dress how you feel and you will truly experience this life in full.